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The quality of the finished product varies greatly depending on the seeds used for manufacturing, the manufacturing method, and the management system.
Folium Biosciences grows from specialized seeds suitable for the production of proprietary high phytocannabinoid hemp oil.
Furthermore, by adopting a low-temperature process based on our patent-pending proprietary technology, we prevent the decomposition of molecules during the extraction and manufacturing processes.
Folium Biosciences manages all processes from harvesting to commercialization.

Based on Japanese law, the products are manufactured on Folium Biosciences' individual production line exclusively for Japan.
All products are inspected by the Japan Cannabidiol Association, and only certified products are shipped and sold.

All products are given a unique number (batch number). * 1
You can check the ingredient list of the product and the certificate of the Japan Cannabidiol Association based on the batch number of the product you have. * 2

* 1. Described on the back of the bottle
* 2. You can check it on the "Batch number tracking" page on the site.

High phytocannabinoid hemp oil


CBD Medica's high phytocannabinoid hemp oil series uses proprietary patent-pending technology to prevent molecular degradation and achieve high CBD, high terpenoid and high phytocannabinoid extraction.
The concentration is adjusted by blending MCT oil derived from coconut oil with high-concentration CBD oil of 70% to 90%.
The most important feature is that various cannabinoids exist in a natural balance.

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Meet Folium Biosciences Borad Spectrum Stalk Hemp Oil

"Broad spectrum hemp oil made from Folium Biosciences stems"

Reference: youtube (Folium biosciences)


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  • Japan Cannabidiol Association
  • organic
  • Made in USA
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