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DRIPPER NANO CBD 300 (best-by date 2022/11/01)

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The DRIPPER NANO CBD 300 uses high quality isolated CBD from Colorado, USA.
Nano CBD is made by using ultrasonic waves and going through a process called "Sonicaneon" that atomizes CBD to nano size.

CBDIs originally about1,000nm~3,000nm The size of is common, but nanoCBD The25nm-100nm is a common size.
The DRIPPER NANO CBD 300 achieves an average of 27 nm of fine nano-sized.

DRIPPER NANO CBD 300 is hydrophilic and can be quickly absorbed by ingesting it in drinks such as coffee and smoothies.
In addition, conventional CBD has three layers that make up the skin.(Epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue) It is not possible to pass through all of the above, and it will penetrate into that specific part, but it is said that the effect on other parts is low.
However, nano-sized CBD, which has extremely high hydrophilicity, makes the skinEasy to combine with the retained water, Achieves a very high absorption rate.
Furthermore, because it is a fine particle size,Penetration into subcutaneous tissueNot only that, but some of it is absorbed into the blood.

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About Nano CBD

General CBD oil products are recommended because sublingual absorption is highly efficient.
However, if swallowed immediately or mixed with drinks and taken orally, it will be carried to the stomach and digested and decomposed by gastric acid.
After that, it is sent to the liver for further decomposition, and then full-scale absorption of nutrients is performed in the small intestine and large intestine.
By being absorbed over time in this way, it is decomposed many times, and the final absorption rate drops to around 10%.

On the other hand, nano-CBD fused with a hydrophilic emulsifier is treated as water itself in the body.
As a result, the process of emulsification and decomposition in the stomach is not performed, and a rapid and high absorption rate is achieved.


About intake
I think the most appropriate answer to the daily intake of CBD is that each person has the correct answer.
There are several reasons for that.Your intake will vary depending on your weight, constitution, tolerance, and your physical condition.
We recommend that you start with a small amount for the first time and decide the appropriate amount while adjusting.


* Since it has a unique bitterness, it is recommended to take it in a drink such as coffee or smoothie.

・ Use XNUMX to XNUMX drops at a time as a guide.

-The product contains 300 mg of nano CBD.


* This product is not a drug.It is not intended for specific treatment or prevention.
* There are rare cases of allergies.If you are new to us, we recommend that you try a small amount.
* We do not accept overseas shipments.

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