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MAJIC MANGO Ginger Lemon CBD 20mg CBD 2.5mg 10 pieces

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"+HAPPY for mind and body"
High concentration CBD candy anytime feel free to 🍬
🍬 Contains Broad Spectrum CBD
🍬No Synthetic Colorants
🍬No Artificial Sweeteners
🍬 THC-free
🍬Made in Japan

SKU: MT カ テ ゴ リ ー:

MAJIC MANGO is a CBD candy containing high-quality CBD (cannabidiol) based on the concept of “+HAPPY to the mind and body”.

It is a subdivided type of CBD candy that is easy to carry and intended to help you enjoy activities such as yoga, meditation, camping, saunas, and music events such as live performances, clubs, festivals, etc.

”Motto totonou”

"Motto totonou (get more organized)" is a package this time.
CBD and saunas are said to have similar effects.Stress reduction, beautiful skin, promotion of brain health, pain relief, etc. are listed, and we created it with the desire to enjoy more by synergistic effects and to prepare the mind and body more.

CBN 2.5mg/1 piece
CBD 20mg/1 piece
ginger lemon flavor

Ingredients: sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, ginger, CBD, CBG/fragrance
Contents: 10 grains
Expiration date: May 2023.3.16, XNUMX
Amount: CBD Distillate 200mg/Bag, CBN Isolate 25mg/Bag

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